Timber Furniture Polishing Oil - Lemon Myrtle

Timber Furniture Polishing Oil - Lemon Myrtle

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100% Essential Oils for a delicious and healthy home!

Timber Furniture Oil - 'Lemon Myrtle'

Our Eco Home timber polish is a mix of carnauba wax (from the Brazilian tree of life) and canola oil. This polish restores timber furniture leaving a smooth shiny finish, with no sticky residue. Our polish is designed for regular use on timber furniture. Simply apply sparingly with a soft cloth and buff off with our lint free cloth.


The founder of Our Eco Home, Kym Collins wanted to Create cleaning products for her own home that worked well and weren't harmful to her family or the environment.  She wanted a way to rid her home of harmful chemicals and found that going back to basics was actually the way forward.

Researching traditional cleaning methods resulted in the development of 9 products that clean every surface in your home. Using proven ingredients like BiCarbonate Soda, Citric Acid, Soap Flakes, and Essential oils such as “Lemon Myrtle” (the environment's very own antibacterial weapon) her gorgeous range of cleaning products will naturally clean your home with amazing ease.

It's so easy to have a sparking home that smells great and removes the nasty chemicals forever.