Te Atatu Toasted - Gluten Free Blend Muesli 400g

Te Atatu Toasted Gluten Free – it is simply like no other! A perfect cereal for the whole family!

We even like to sprinkle it through salad or use as a topper on baked fruit!

Full of nutritionally beneficial ingredients which in combination, are super delicious as well as wholesome. Sweetened only with NZ honey and apple puree and a little dried fruit – this muesli contains no refined sugar, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no sulphites, no reconstituted ingredients, no rice and no corn ingredients. What is does contain is seeds, buckwheat and ancient grains which make it high in protein – so you only need a little with milk or sprinkle it on fruit or yoghurt – Yum!

* This muesli is not paleo, the non paleo ingredients are buckwheat, chana (pulses), amaranth and quinoa but we know we do have paleo followers who buy this muesli. It's your choice really.

* This muesli is gluten free, made only in a gluten free environment (so no risk of cross contamination)


buckwheat, sunflower seeds (may contain foreign seeds  incl soy), channa, apple puree (apple), linseeds, honey, sultanas (sunflower oil), amaranth, quinoa (whole, white), pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, ground spices, salt.