Anytime Kids Summer Ice Block Kit - 30% Off

Make Healthy Shakes and Ice Blocks this Summer

With our Complete Kids 'Anytime Kids' range and Zoku Ice Block Moulds

Kid's of all ages love ice blocks on a hot summer’s day! Did you know Complete Kids superfood shakes can also be used to make your very own nutritious ice block’s without the added sugar crash?

We've created a very special 'Summer Starter Kit'... just choose your favourite ice block mould, plus we will include an 'Anytime Kids' starter kit (one singe serve sachet in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry plus a Complete Kids shaker and Blender ball ...... and you are all set to enjoy healthy ice blocks this Summer!

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                                                             (6 ZOKU mould to choose from)

Want to know more?

Read below for more information about our 'Anytime Kids' range and our cool range of Zoku Ice Block Moulds. Let us teach you how to make healthy shakes and ice blocks this Summer!

'Anytime Kids' Dairy Superfood Shake - just add the powder with water & enjoy!



Tested on kids for kids A+++

All kid's including picky eaters, underweight children and kids with small appetites can benefit from our “Anytime Kids” range. Integrating a single “Anytime Kids” shake daily as part of a balanced whole foods diet can ensure your child receives essential nutrients that they may not be getting when certain foods get pushed to the side of the plate or are left disguised in their school bag!

Our “Anytime Kids” range of shakes consists of balanced blend of macronutrients, (carbohydrates, protein, fats) 18 essential vitamins and minerals, New Zealand dairy goodness and some of natures finest superfoods available.

Zoku Ice Block Moulds

ALL Zoku slow pop moulds are BPA and phthlatate free, make sure you hand wash the moulds and sticks after each use.

Let’s make healthy ice blocks this Summer!

1. Following mixing directions on Complete Kids packaging add your child’s recommended serving size based on their age of either of our ranges “Active Kids” or “Anytime Kids” to approximately 100-150mls of milk. This will be a nice thick syurp type consistency. Shake or blend well until smooth and consistent. Approx 30-40 secs.

We add Milk such as cow, soy, almond or rice to give the ice blocks a nice creamy consistency, but you can make them with water, they will just be a little icy.

2. Pour Complete Kids shake into any ice block moulds (we love the ZOKU ones) Place in      freezer for approx 6-8 hours or overnight and once frozen serve.

Now you can buy your very own healthy ice block kit for the kids this Summer – perfect for Xmas gifts!!