Active Kids - On the go 'Strawberry' pack - 10x 45g single serve sachets
Active Kids - On the go 'Strawberry' pack - 10x 45g single serve sachets Active Kids - On the go 'Strawberry' pack - 10x 45g single serve sachets


'Anytime Kids' Dairy Superfood Shake - just add the powder with water & enjoy!

'On the go pack' 10 single serve meals - 'Strawberry'


Tested on kids for kids A+++

    •    18 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
    •    97-98% Sugar Free (only the natural occurring sugars in milk powder)

    •    25% more Carbohydrates for energy

    •    Good Source of Calcium
    •    Source of fibre
    •    High in Vitamin C
    •    Source of Iron
    •    Premium source of Protein (whey concentrate, protein isolate)

    •    Source of Energy
    •    Low Lactose and Gluten Free
    •    Low fat and Low Salt (sodium)
    •    Low GI (glycemic index)
    •    Natural Flavours & Colours
    •    Naturally sweetened

    •    Preservative Free

“Active Kids” superfood shakes cater for those kids that demand extra energy and are always on the go. Our “Active Kids” range also makes a great option as a pre or post sports meal and can help aid in your child’s recovery from any demanding physical activity or quite simply keep them up to speed during the game.

With “Active Kids” in mind, this range has 25% more carbohydrates per serve in comparison to our “Anytime Kids” range to help fuel the requirements of an active child. The primary role of carbohydrates is to provide the body with energy; they are important and necessary for a child's optimal growth, development and performance. They are also the preferred fuel source for the brain and nervous system.

Whey protein isolate has also been included in the “Active Kids” range, with the aim to supply growing children with a premium source of protein that has been highly filtered and purified. Protein isolate has one of the highest biological values of any protein sources available, meaning it is easily digested and absorbed more efficiently than other proteins. Protein plays an essential role in the human body, providing crucial building blocks which help to repair and build bones, muscles, cartilage and skin, support healthy growth patterns and maintain healthy eyes and vision.

Our shakes are Gluten free and deliver your children an additional source of Iron and are rich in Vitamin C. They are also a good source of Calcium and provide benefits from Vitamin D. These 4 essential nutrients assist busy children in many ways, including with the production of energy, supporting their immune system, promoting natural growth and development, aiding nerve and muscle function and helping to encourage the formation of healthy bone and teeth structure.

Complete Kids shakes are packed with 18 essential vitamins and minerals, New Zealand dairy goodness and prebiotic fibre to encourage a healthy digestive system. With low levels of fat, low in salt, low In sugar, low in lactose, low GI (glycemic index) and with no artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives, you can be confident as a parent you’ve made the right choice!

With 3 tasty flavours in each range, there will be one to suit even the fussiest of kids!

Our shakes full recommended serving size is from 4 years, however can be scaled down for kids from 2 years.

Try freezing our shakes into ice blocks or enjoying them warm